The Bible Mission, a revelation of God: It’s Mission, Motto and Mandate

 Brief history of the Bible Mission
 The Bible Mission, a written revelation of God to St. M. Devadas in 1938
 The emergence of the Bible Mission.
 The prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
 The serial revelations of 1938.
 The Mission in motion : shorts stays in twin Godavari District ,Andhra Pradesh (A.P)  The arrival of Bible Mission in Guntur: The golden era of its glorious ministry

The Mission of Bible Mission:
 Unification of all the churches around the world.

 Enabling every believer to speak to and commune with the lord. Preparing the Bride Church from among the Universal Church

 Taking Gospel to the very ends of the earth to “Hades”, the world of unsaved dead souls.
 Establishing “Meditation centres” in every house , to commune with the lord , every day : by practicing in waiting hour. Taking His yoke in His presence and learning at His feet (Mat 11:29). Equipping the believers, to prepare for the Rapture.
 Preaching the good news even to all the creation. Demonstrating the Lord and giving the live telecast of heaven.
 Explaining and exhibiting the meaning and meta physical experiences of the books. The song of Solomon and The books of Revelation
“Do whatever He tells you” (John2:5), is the root, fruit and heart of the Bible Mission.
Minute Prayer
O Lord! Appear unto me
Appear unto all.
O Lord! Speak unto me
Speak unto all.

The Bible Mission, a revelation of God: It’s Mission, Motto and Mandate
Hate no man and no religion; but ask the unknown things. Seeing, listening, and writing in the face to face communication of the Lord. India will become the center for sending gospel message to the world. All men must be saved where ever they are. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed. Mi-do-doi , the rapture date ; to be from the Lord. All missions and churches must flourish and grow to the maturity and preparation of Christ. Preach and catch. Maranatha – The Lord is coming soon.
 Every morning kneel down and wait.
 Every day and night read Bible. Write down the studied word. Mediate the Learned word.
 Confess sins, abandon the confessed sins.
 Preach the gospel.
 Desire the gifts of the Holy spirit. Make well use of them. Meditate the cross always.
 See the Lord face to face.
 Give tithes from everything.

I. Explanation
II. Experiences
III. Experiment
I. Explanation
Presence of God or God’s presence

Practising His presence

Presence of God or God’s presence:
It denotes His existence. (Exodus 3:14)
It denotes His imminence. (Matthew 28:20)
It denotes His eminence. (Matthew 35:34)
It denotes His excellence. (Psalms 138:7, 8)
Practicing the presence of God:
Asking (Psalms 5:3)
Anticipating (Psalms 4:4, 5:3)

II. Experiences
Visions (Isaiah 6:1)
Works (Romans 15:18, 19)

Prayer is the two-way Highway of man and God to speak to each other and commune with one another in all times. Prayer is the breath of a believer, symbolic of God’s breath of life. Prayer is the cry of a nursing baby for their mother. Prayer is the call of the Bride – church for the groom, Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Prayer is the union with the Holy Spirit to praise and worship God in truth and spirit. Prayer is the source of receiving God’s breath and refining and refreshing our own breathes. Prayer is the lamp of the spirit, illuminating the entire life. Prayer is the key to unlock the mysteries of Heaven

Seven Prayer steps:
 Concentration,
 Confession,
 Commitment,
 Consecration,
 Conversation,
 Commendation
 Contemplation.

Seven Key Words:
 Sweating hard like Adam.
 Sound of repenting mourning!,
 Sweating the blood.
 Subjugating self – will.
 Supplication space travel.
 Salvation gratitude.
 Sage in his silence.

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because any one who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Heb 11:6 “But when you pray go in to your room, close the door and pray to your father, who is unseen. Then your father who sees, what is done in secret will reward you” Mathew 6:6 Whoever he may be ,whether he belongs to any country or any religion ,however wicked he may be ,even the demon possessed and even the mentally disordered if they fallow these prayer steps ,even if it be with constraint ,they will realize the true religion of god and they will get the gift of salvation. You may have a lot of disorder and unrest inside, you may have disbelief, even if thousands of wicked ideas might have over powered you while praying, if you fallow the prayer steps you will be highly blessed. This procedure should be fallowed individually.

STEP -1: Focusing your undivided attention on the presence of God your creator, the almighty God Keep yourself in seclusion; in a room of your own .here you should forget good things as well as bad things. Forget your past events, present events or coming events .keep your mind filled with the presence of Christ. Believe with faith and praise the Lord.
NOTE: if you wish to fallow these steps choose a good place (a room) ,good time and convenience. Let nothing disturb you . Then alone can you focus your attention on God. FAITH &PRAISE: Then praise God for giving you the concentration to focus your attention on his presence.

Here you confess your sins. Confess your sinful deeds in light of the Ten Commandments. Confess your unkindness towards animals. Confess your failures to fulfill your duties. Confess you misdeeds. Confess your worthlessness. Confess your carelessness regarding the misuse of your belongings and goods. Confess your sins in your thoughts, in your looks, in your listening and in your trails. Confess your sins in deeds and acts. Confess your sins regarding to vexation, anger, envy, faithlessness, Lack of courage, cowardice, despair, sloth, gluttony, over drinking, love of money, miserliness, coveting, etc…
FAITH &PRAISE : now praise God for granting his mercy for confessing all your sins. Say “I believe you have forgiven my sins”. Then praise him.

 I resolve to stop all evil. I resolve to do only what is good. I resolve to fulfill all my duties.
 I will praise you in my distresses. I will praise you even when my prayer is unanswered.
 I will learn the Bible. I will never cease to pray and meditate. I will give all my offerings.
 I will grow in good favour of men and God and I resolve not to crave each and every thing.

FAITH &PRAISE: Thank you lord for giving me the courage and confidence to take this resolution. Please help me fulfill all my resolutions. I will claim your aid when I am unable to overcome some temptations. Thank you Lord.

Lord! It is your will and not my will. I consecrate my will, my body, my wealth, my failings , my needs, my ministry and my all to you alone my lord.
NOTE: whatever we give to our God is not ours but we give him out of what he gave us.

FAITH &PRAISE: Lord i praise you for enabling me to consecrate all to you giving me strength to fulfill all my vows.

Here you can pray for your needs. “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” john 14:14 Here you can pray for anything however big or small. Don’t desist. Some items to pray for pardon of sins, detesting sin, godliness, knowledge of the Bible, flow of prayer, restraint of straits, health, obtaining of salvation and whatever you are in need of.

 Extension of churches,
 Messages to other religions.
 Provision for the poor.
 Healing.
 Repentance to sinners etc.

FAITH & PRAISE: Lord! I thank you for guiding me to pray for some important objectives. I believe you have heard all my prayers. Amen.

Here we should praise all the attributes of the God: his attributes being
 God, the creator.
 Life
 Love
 Justice
 Omnipotence( all powerful)
 Omniscience (all knowing)
 Holiness
 Independence
 Omnipresence (present everywhere)
 Trinity (father, son, Holy Ghost)
 Bestower of his attributes on both angels and

FAITH & PRAISE: Lord I praise you and thank you for bestowing your glorious attributes on all of us human beings. Help us to remain thankful for your benevolence.

In all other previous steps you have spoken to God. In this last step you have to remain quiet like a hermit (in telugu rishi) to allow God to speak to you. Here God may appear to you and give some revelations. If it does not happen, you will have the contentment & joy that God your father has allowed you to spend some time in his precious presence. All the difficulties that you might have faced will surely be solved on this last step namely meditation.

FAITH & PRAISE: Lord I praise and convey my salutations for bestowing on my spirit complete contentment. “You have made known to me the path of life, You will free me with joy in your presence, with eternal presence at your right hand.” Ps .16:11

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